Virtual collaboration in healthcare according to GDPR - continuous, seamless and secure.

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Create your own ecosystem inside and outside your organization.

Care Integrator connects your organization with all stakeholders in the health care system using a secure web or mobile solution that is ready for immediate use and thus facilitates the exchange of information from your referring physician to the patient and their relatives at home. It doesn’t matter where the individual participants are.

The simpler communication and collaboration is across boundaries within the health sector, the better the results that can be achieved. Particularly in the area of chronic care, collaboration between the various medical professionals and therapists in relation to the patient is essential. At the same time, active involvement of the patient contributes to improving efficiency, quality, safety and well-being.

This is where healthbrain Corp. and its Care Integrator solution comes into play. The mobile, web-based solution for integrated care connects all players within the health sector (including insurance and life science companies) easily and securely and facilitates communication, exchange and cooperation beyond the existing structural and sectoral boundaries.

The innovation - Virtual care groups

Organise yourself and your colleagues or teams within and outside the centre into a virtual care group relating to your patient. Set the treatment goals and invite the appropriate specialists required to achieve goals to join the virtual care group, thus enabling the entire patient path to be mapped in real time. This means that all care group participants know who has done what when. Traditional, time-consuming referral or transfer measures thus belong in the past.

Intuitive, user-friendly and immediately ready to use.

Care integrator was developed together with healthcare professionals. The main goal was to reflect the various requirements of the user in a highly intuitive user interface in such a way that clear and fast operation could be ensured at all times.

Many practical functions that assist you with your activities in a targeted manner.

The primary focus is on your activities to achieve the best possible health goals. Many practical functions in Care Integrator can help you to achieve these as efficiently as possible. You do not need to worry about modules or individual functionalities. Because these are integrated into a complete solution and are immediately available for you to use.

Care Integrator is a ready-to-use, web and mobile solution. As medical professionals, you can register directly using a HIN or Doccheck account. Care Integrator was created based on the latest technology in consideration of all security aspects of relevance to data protection and data security in the healthcare sector. The functions in Care Integrator have been structured to be highly process-oriented. thus allowing direct and practical use within integrated care as well as the efficient management of chronic patients.

Care Integrator is one of the few health solutions worldwide that can be used immediately to connect all the major interest groups within the healthcare sector. This ensures that cooperation across structural boundaries works smoothly. In addition to the basic functions for the exchange of content, messages and complete contact management with specialist colleagues and organizations (departments), Care Integrator also includes practical functions such as electronic questionnaires, the entire Swiss medications database and much more.

Valuable data evaluations create more time for what is important.

Care Integrator supports you in a targeted manner during the treatment process by immediately evaluating data of relevance to the treatment for you. This eliminates the complex collection of data from different sources and provides you with additional certainty for your decisions. We can also provide you with data evaluations tailored to your requirements.

The better the quality of the data, the more opportunities there are to draw valuable conclusions from such data. This we provide this to you in Care Integrator in regard to your own user behavior as well as that of your contacts, partners or customers/patients. This allows you to learn on a continuous basis and deduce the next steps. We can assure you that your data shall not be passed on to third parties without your express permission under any circumstances.

Examples of data analyses:

  • Monitoring of behavioural data
  • Measurement of quality of life
  • User behaviour (content, activities)
  • Evaluation of surveys
  • Treatment guidelines
  • Guidelines

Always up to date - and in real time, wherever you are.

You are kept informed at all times of all activities in communication with your expert colleagues regarding the patient. Care Integrator provides you with a simple overview and involves the patient and his relatives in the treatment process as desired. You in turn benefit from efficient organisation together with your expert colleagues and have access to patient information that would otherwise not be available to you to such an extent or would only be available subject to a time delay.

Care Integrator can be tailored to your requirements using applications.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way of realizing an idea of your own in the healthcare sector and would like to make this available to your target customers? With our highly specialized programs, we can implement this quickly and in close proximity to the customer using an application in Care Integrator. The applications realized by you belongs to you (IP) under all circumstances and can be removed again at any time at your request.

Data security and data protection have top priority.

Your data are in good hands with us. Care Integrator is hosted at a Swiss data centre that is ISO-certified and meets the FINMA guidelines. For the data transfer itself, Care Integrator uses the secure SSL/TLS encryption protocol. As a medical professional or patient, you decide who can view your data and what can be done with them. With Care Integrator, you are using one of the most secure end-to-end encryptions in the world.

Health data are a valuable commodity worthy of protection. For us, the security of health data takes top priority. We do everything to ensure that the processes regarding the patient and among the professionals are clearly defined and that clear and concise rights management is in place. In addition, Care Integrator draws clear distinctions between medical and non-medical data.

Your data can be traced at any time and are retained under lock and key for ten years in accordance with the statutory guidelines. Your data are backed up in duplicate and can go live again seamlessly after a potential system failure. The Care Integrator architecture is structured so that no conclusions can be drawn from user data regarding medical or behavioral data.