Our vision - simplified networking and collaboration for better health outcomes.

Who we are.

healthbrain GmbH is a company in the field of “digital health” and focuses on improving the collaboration and interaction of all involved participants around health processes. With its immediately available web- and mobile-based solutions Care Integrator, healthbrain GmbH supports and improves the collaboration and exchange between medical professionals and patients as well as third-party organizations and ensures connectivity and the availability of data. This creates clear advantages and common benefits for all parties in and around the health market and ensures interaction and communication in a simple, fast and comprehensive manner.

What drives us?

We think differently and break new ground in the field of digital health. This enables us to improve results in the healthcare sector.

How do we proceed?

We facilitate cooperation across boundaries within the healthcare sector.

What do we do exactly?

We offer a user-friendly, mobile and web-based solution, which connects the relevant stakeholders within the healthcare sector in a simple and safe way and makes communication and the exchange of content easier within a secure environment.

Health professionals for you.

What distinguishes us from classic IT companies?

  1. We focus exclusively on health and health-related topics.
  2. Our consultants are fully-qualified health professionals. We know the healthcare sector and your requirements, and support you with tailor-made solutions.
  3. In the very beginning, we started with a blank sheet. Then we started to chart the individual market participants in the field of healthcare and analyzed the associated processes and requirements. Only then did we begin to develop the Care Integrator solution. So it is not the technology, but rather its benefits that are the main focus.

Our Team