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The brands Care Integrator® and healthbrain® are internationally registered trademarks (Switzerland, EU, US and China) and thus legally protected and registered. IP is fully owned by healthbrain GmbH.

Care Integrator® and healthbrain GmbH

Care Integrator®, Healthbrain® are independent of the interests of third party organisations in the healthcare sector (such as life science companies) and respect the highest international quality and security standards (data protection, data security). Care Integrator follows the IHE-policies which also form a central part of the EPDG.




healthbrain GmbH
Alte Langackerstrasse 89
CH-8704 Herrliberg





VAT No: CHE-258.193.236

Chairman of the Board

Founder and President of the Management Board/Supervisory Board: Urs Wittwer, Trub


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