Secure access and reliable data storage.

The Safe Swiss Cloud virtual data centre in Switzerland where Care Integrator is hosted is certified according to ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and FINMA 2008/7 in order to ensure best practices in security management and data protection. The website is secured by the highly encrypted Validation SSL Certificate from Thawte and can only be accessed via HTTPS. Access to Care Integrator is based on the third-party authentication services, DocCheck or HIN, which secure registration for medical professionals, healthcare professionals and insurance providers in dealing with the patient or insured parties. Patients can only gain access by invitation from an authenticated medical professional.

Data privacy, role distribution & authorization management.

A clear distribution of roles and a detailed authorization concept within the system ensures that only authorized persons (e.g. medical professionals) can access documents. In addition to this, the access rights for patient data are regulated analogous to the EPDG, i.e. the patient determines who can access what data and how (data protection). He grants access to his data directly via the solution.

Secure Exchange.

If you exchange documents with other contacts or organizations, write messages write or send electronic questionnaires in Care Integrator, these documents do not physically leave the secure server under any circumstances. The documents remain on the server and other persons and contacts are only granted access to view them. This ensures that the documents and messages are not sent via other servers in other countries, where they could potentially be intercepted.