All functions are immediately ready to use.

Simple organisation in relation to your documents, videos and images.

Access to valuable documents from third-party organisations.

The innovation - Care groups with expert colleagues in relation to the patient.

Confidential communication with expert colleagues in groups.

Easier contact and efficient collaboration.

Secure communication for the exchange of sensitive data.

Electronic questionnaires that can be set to your requirements.

Second opinions - seek advice from a panel of experts.

Standardised interfaces with third-party systems.

Structured according to international standards (FHIR, HL7...)

The first electronic questionnaire within the secure healthcare environment.

Many health organizations conduct surveys. In doing so, certifications, quality assurance, treatment process measurements, study questionnaires or marketing reasons are decisive for the creation of such surveys. In addition to this, organizations often use traditional paper questionnaires or electronic survey functions that can be sent or responded to within the public domains of the Internet or the e-mail sector. Care Integrator now offers you a highly secured solution with which you can conduct surveys in the healthcare sector that even involve sensitive data without any concerns. This is also standardized according to IHE or FHIR and can be fully adapted to your requirements.

With care groups, you increase your efficiency many times over.

Traditional referral or transfer management of patients takes a long time and involved many administrative resources using traditional means of communication (telephone, fax, letters, transfer report). Based on the care group relating to the patient, this is organized with the family doctor or specialists within minutes and all professionals involved are immediately brought up to date. All documents and communication relating to the patient are administered centrally and immediately understandable. With the time gained, you can focus on more important things than administration.


The complete medication database for Switzerland has been integrated into Care Integrator. You can search according to active substances, medication names or manufacturers. You have access to the corresponding pictures of packaging or dosage forms and can look up the medication interactions. All presented in an easy-to-use and clear manner.